The Network for Excellence in Teaching
proudly announces the
release of its digital handbook

Preparing Effective Teachers:
Multiple Approaches to Ensure Teaching Quality and Impact

The aim of this project is to establish definitions and indicators of beginning teachers' effectiveness that are meaningful to teacher education and to the P-12 community.

This unique digital resource reflects the scholarship of 42 contributing authors from 21 institutions of higher education in Minnesota, North Dakota, and South Dakota. 

This book is written for teacher educators, educators in P-12 schools, and P-12 school leaders.

This vanguard endeavor contains eight chapters with a suite of 61 digital downloadable tools to engage in classroom practice.

Chapter 1: 
Redefining Beginning Teacher Effectiveness  

Chapter 2: 
Multiple Measures of Teacher Effectiveness

Chapter 3:
Approaches to Measuring Teaching Practice

Chapter 4:
Local Approaches for Measuring Impact on P-12 Students

Chapter 5:
School Context Factors that Support Beginning Teacher Effectiveness

Chapter 6:
Teacher Leadership and Professional Engagement as Indicators of Teacher Effectiveness

Chapter 7:
Engaging School Administrators

Chapter 8: 
Measures of Culturally Relevant and Responsive Pedagogy