The NExT institutions have collaborated to develop and administer a set of four common surveys to measure their progress toward preparing effective teachers for today’s classrooms. Teacher candidates and completers at each of the IHEs complete three surveys: upon entry into the teacher education programs; at exit; and one year after graduation (known as the Transition to Teaching Survey). Supervisors of NExT graduates working in the teaching field also complete a survey during the graduates’ first year of employment.

The chart below presents results by scale for the four common scales found on the Exit Survey, Transition to Teaching Survey, and Supervisor Survey.  The items allow candidates, completers, and supervisors of first year teachers to rate how well prepared the candidates and completers are on a 4-point scale of Agree, Tend to Agree, Tend to Disagree, and Disagree.  NExT institutions use this information to inform program improvement.

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