... bridges the worlds of P-12 schooling and teacher preparation, expanding opportunities for dialogue across systems.

... will not take advantage of, dictate to, or complicate the efforts of our P-12 colleagues.


... will not rate or rank teacher preparation institutions, beginning teachers, or P-12 partner schools.

... is aimed at program improvement and beginning teacher success.

... will not rely on unsound measurement practices nor on convenience in determining measures of beginning teachers effectiveness.

... is committed to the use of  multiple measures in order to provide data that is multifaceted, valid, reliable, and useful.

... is aimed at improving the learning and development of P-12 students and is committed to measuring both teacher quality and student impact.

... is unwilling to limit beginning teacher effectiveness indicators of teaching quality without also including measures of P-12 student learning and development.

... requires each institution to commit to sharing knowledge and best practices. 

... cannot be successful if teacher preparation institutions operate in isolation.