What does ‘effectiveness’ look like for a beginning teacher? Working together to improve the preparation of new teachers graduating from NExT institutions requires a collective vision. The NExT Teacher Effectiveness working group seeks to develop such a joint vision and corresponding measures of beginning teacher effectiveness in partnership with key stakeholders in P-12 and higher education.

Goals & Charge

During the first year of this multi-year project, we will be heavily centered on learning, planning, and building relationships with leadership from P‐12 and relevant state/policy agencies. Our outcomes will include:

  • At least one statewide convening in each of the three states that adds to the project as demonstrated through attendance, any ongoing commitment, and learnings/practices from these statewide convenings.

  • At least six additional convenings among higher education and P‐12 that adds to the project through attendance, any ongoing commitment, learnings/practice sharing on collecting and using teacher assessment data, and ways of sharing and connecting this data.

  • Develop and submit a joint vision that describes a mechanism to assess the effectiveness of beginning teachers.

  • Develop and submit a joint plan and charter that outlines the path to achieving this shared vision.